Wolfram Mining Supplies
was registered at the end of September, 1990 and at that time, was appointed as a distributor of a single mining related product , for which sales were to cover certain areas in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

Since our inception, we have grown our product range to include conventional underground mining equipment and allied products supplied to copper, gold, nickel and platinum mines.
PRODUCTS: Scraper scoops, scraper winches, scraper wire and snatch blocks.

Over the years, in order to satisfy the ever demanding requirements of the mining industry, we again increased our product range which resulted in further appointments as Agents/Distributors for the manufacturers of those products.

PRODUCTS: Welding consumables-arc and gas, Welding equipment-arc and gas, Welding generators , Inverters, Cutting equipment.

Now in our twenty fifth year, we have established long-term business relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers of the products we supply and services offered and our customer base has extended into other territories which now include SADC Member States.

In recent years we have been approached by other manufacturers requesting our assistance in the marketing of their products as indicated by their logos displayed. One such company is PUTZMEISTER, of Germany, who has requested us to market their range of solids pumps for back-filling, tailings transportation and high density applications.

Our consultancy service contributes to a substantial part of our business with assistance and goodwill provided from the many years of experience and knowledge of the mining industry.

We hope to continue to enhance the Company by offering and sustaining high levels of service, together with quality products, competitive prices and most of all, understanding our customers’ requirements for the ultimate efficiency and profitability of their businesses.

The primary Tungsten minerals are Tungstates of iron, manganese, and calcium, and one of the Tungsten ores is WOLFRAM, WOLFRAMITE.(Rutley’s Mineralogy). The very first product marketed and sold by us was in the form of Tungsten Carbide, for the protection of ground engaging tools, and machinery.